Life is Full of Surprises

"Gulf Island Beach"


You never know what the day will bring. In December 2012 I participated in the 3rd Annual Peninsula Art Tour – a two-day event which showcases many artists in my local area. I had a great time with the four other artists I shared a space with, received lots of wonderful comments about my work but alas no sales – until close to the end of the first day. A lady approached me and asked if I was Georgina and did I still have the print of one of my paintings that she had seen on the previous year’s tour. I said I did and could bring it the next day if she was willing to come back. She replied, “Of course”. ( The piece is called “Gulf Island Beach” – see above). She explained that she and her husband had been looking for a piece for above their fireplace for about five years, and they had not seen anything they liked until they saw my print on the 2011 tour. She had emailed me through my website that night but somehow I hadn’t received it. She saw my name on the list of artists for the 2012 tour and had made a special trip to find me. I was pleased with the sale, of course, but even more touched by her comments, and by the fact that she had sought me out. Something for me to remember – it’s not always about the money.

Blessings, Georgina

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