Strength and Vulnerability

Yellow Tulips


This painting was for a demo with a student. The flowers were a mixed bunch of yellow and white and I painted the white ones as yellow. I added the fallen petals and leaves to add interest and balance to the lower part of the painting. I started the demo using the live flowers but took photographs for future sessions as they wouldn’t last of course.

I enjoy painting flowers for the challenges they give me. There are plenty of opportunities for solving the issues of light, colour and values. Flowers are solid yet translucent and delicate. Creating the balance between strength and vulnerability is one of the puzzles. These tulip stems have the strength to hold up the beautiful bowl of the flower to the light but both stem and flower can be crushed in an instant. Strength goes hand in hand with vulnerability.

Hmmmm, we can learn a lot from flowers. I will continue to explore the challenges.

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