The Art of Dessert

My progress on this project has been slow but steady and I’m pleased with the results. I’m having fun finding interesting fabrics for the backgrounds and matching them with the subjects. As a one-time fabric designer and quilter I love fabric and I’m enjoying playing with pattern and texture. The paintings are starting to take on the quality of portraits, something that I hadn’t thought of when I started. Each one has developed a definite character and evokes a different feeling. I had deliberately chosen to make these paintings appear “over the top” – highly decorative with  the patterned fabric and diplayed in ornate gold frames. This now seems to support the “portrait” idea. I wanted to celebrate the art of the cakemaker and now I see I have an added message – cakes have personality! 

I’m  finding that the cakes don’t change much over time – they just get hard and stale –  but any fruit garnish tends to shrivel after a few days. The frosting doesn’t change  either, in appearance anyway. I take photos of the subjects in position at the beginning so I have a reference for later when things start to age. I’ve finished the fourth one so I just have one more to do to complete the challenge I gave myself. I’m sure I’ll have them all done by the deadline of late April.

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