Unfinished Business


Hi there.

I know. It’s been quite a while since I posted last and I don’t really have an excuse. Sure, I’ve had weeks here and there where I’ve been busy but it’s mainly about applying the butt to the chair and just doing it!

I must admit to having experienced a period of doubt lately. I’ve been in a few shows recently and watched as other artists sold their work. I’m happy for them but that ever-present dormant seed of doubt in my ability started growing and last weekend grabbed a hold. I always get great compliments about my work but few sales. I was beginning to think to myself, “Why do I bother?” and then I decided that the reason I bother is not for anyone else but for myself. I don’t want to change what I do to please others. What I paint is who I am. It’s a glimpse inside my head and how I see my world. Take it or leave it.

As sometimes happens I will paint gleefully for quite a while working my way through an idea and producing a handful of paintings that I feel happy with. I knew I wasn’t finished with the series of Horizon paintings I had been working on earlier this year, and I had always intended doing more. Somehow I got stalled. Yes, I worked fitfully on various small pieces showing different subjects but I could still hear that spaciousness calling me.  At last I’m back at the easel with my big brush and this time the paintings will be more atmospheric, more ‘meaty’. The first few paintings in the series are mostly sunny and bright, as if at midday, or at the latest early afternoon. These new ones will be larger and about subjects like the beginning or the end of the day, maybe a storm, perhaps the mystery of fog, or whatever surfaces from the paint.

The painting shown in this post is the first one of this bit of unfinished business and is a work-in-progress. It’s a fiery sunset and it measures 18″ x 36″ . It’s not finished yet but is coming together quite well. Onward and upward!!

Blessings, Georgina

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